What Job Seekers Need to Know About Passing Weed Drug Test?


Many jobs require pre-drug screening test that will filter the candidate based on the use of marijuana and other drugs. An applicant will have to pass the test, and the common drug test is divided into two sections namely five panels and ten panels. The five-panel drug will include THC marijuana, cocaine, Opiates, PCP and amphetamine. A ten-point panel test will include methadone and even include five-point panel test.

Urine Test for Finding Drug

Applicants will have to submit urine for passing the drug test, and the level of THC is found in the urine. The main thing that an applicant looking for how to pass a weed drug test will have to ensure is to quit smoking at least one month before the test. This will help in the reduction of the level of THC in the urine.

There are synthetic urines that are available in the market, which helps to fake the test, and this is good for marijuana smokers who regularly smoke. For those who are not frequent smokers, they can rely on drinking too much water to flush out THC from the body and bring it down to a threshold level. Make sure that high-quality synthetic urines are used for weed test or else one would fail the test.

Blood Test

A blood test may be easier for the applicants as the results will show only the past data of one week and this can help the non-regular smokers. Applicants looking for how to pass a weed drug test should ensure that they get toxic THC levels flushed out from the system and one method is to drink a lot of water. The other method is to exercise and improve sweat process and allow the body to burn metabolism and fat cells. The improved blood flow in increase digestive process will help in eliminating THC through urine.

Hair Test

Hair strand is tested after the urine tests to detect the traces of THC. Applicants that are looking for ways on how to pass a weed drug test should be varied of this test as hair follicle test may show the drug history of the patient from the last 90 to 120 days. Many quality shampoos help in eradicating the presence of THC levels from a hair follicle, and this should be used if one is a regular smoker.


There are blood-cleaning herbs and exercise methods that help in flushing out THC level from the body. Many fat people find it difficult to weed out THC from the body. Some herbs help in eradicating THC from the kidney, and this will pass out through urine. There are systems in which THC level is removed from the bowels and this will help in ensuring that the body is free from THC for the weed test. Taking vitamin supplements have been found to bring the level of THC under threshold level, and this will help in ensuring that a person passes the weed test. There are medical marijuana cases wherein they have to submit proper documents and need not ponder ways to pass the weed test.