Hot Healthcare technology trends in 2017

    Online medical diagnosis and treatment

    The healthcare industry is also another sector wherein the shift to the digital has had a huge impact. In the year 2017, a lot of the technological developments within the healthcare industry can be attributed to this digital shift. Digital, after all, is the new normal in every industry, including the medical world. The changes that the digital technological shift has caused, has been both big and small. And there may even have been developments or changes within the medical field that you may not even have noticed that are being applied in top rated alcohol rehab and detox. The landscape of the medical and healthcare industry continues to change this New Year, but these are the most impactful digital and technological trends in 2017.

    Data management

    More and more medical practitioners and even health insurance companies are understanding the importance of data management. More data is being collected about the personal health of many people. And this long-term tracking and management of personal health data in many people have given doctors and medical practitioners more insight into the health of their patients, and the general nature of the human body. Doctors also understand that it is through long-term monitoring of data that they can provide more personalized and health care that will serve their patients much better.

    Cloud usage

    Cloud computing and data storage has had a huge impact within the medical field. Whether or not it is secure is beside the point. There are numerous ways that the adoption of cloud data storage has made it easier for many doctors and hospitals, since storing and finding patient files is made much more convenient. There is also cloud computing and the internet of things. Since almost every piece of technology is able to connect with each other, this makes controlling and using different kinds of medical devices and hospital computer systems really easy, which allows for more convenient health care to the patient.

    Virtual Reality

    Believe it or not, virtual reality has got practical applications in the medical field, it is not simply just for entertainment purposes. Virtual reality has got a wide range of uses, from training doctors through the use of virtual reality surgeries, to making more patients more comfortable with certain medical procedures.


    The rise of virtual healthcare is driven by many factors such as the rising cost of health insurance and general costs of medical care. Telemedicine technologies allow patients a number of different ways to remotely meet and get diagnosed by doctors. Thus, this provides a speedier and way more convenient health care experience for patients.

    These are just some of the hottest health technology trends that are continuing to grow in 2017. The rapid adoption of technology and more developments in the medical IT and technology field have spurred the growth of these trends. Of which, this could bring in a good development on highly recommended drug rehab centers as well. On the horizon, there may even be more healthcare technological developments that could revolutionize the industry. There are talks of using 3D printing technology to mass produce and print out human prosthetics or even replacement organs as well. The sky is the limit when it comes to human ingenuity and healthcare.