A Broad Look at Some of the Best Sewing Machines of the Year 2017


Sewing Machines has made life easier for many individuals and groups alike for their simplicity and for their time-saving structure. Aside from the normal stitching process, quilting is one of the most important things that can be performed with the help of sewing machine.

For starters, sewing designs, including monograms are enough to pose a challenge when the pattern turns out to be tougher. At this stage, the precise sewing machine comes up to be the savior, with of course the imaginations of the people to be tested broadly. As like for any other fields of life, the beginners will always invest the cheapest and the easy to use sewing machines. It holds of the entire working before getting to purchase machines of bigger size and features.

A Glance of Popular Sewing Machines

There is a large list of sewing machines, and they are distinguished with different variants and workings. Sewing speeds and automatic threading features categorize them. As per elreviews.com, here are some of the best sewing machines of 2017.

  • Brother SE400: This is arguably one of the best-computerized sewing and embroidery machines. It has taken the standards of sewing to the very new levels. For people fussy about embroidery works, this machine works wonders and the entire craftwork related to the process can be designed without having to fuss a lot. Other notable features of the machine, includes wider embroidery area, which allows decent space to work on the desired projects.


  • Magnolia 7318: This is yet another masterpiece of a product and offers a good flexibility of usage to the users and quite frankly, this is suited for newcomers to the profession. With 4 step buttonhole, 18 built-in decorative stich features and a complete bobbin system; this is one of the most demanded sewing machines in the market today.


With so many decorative stitching methods, a user can choose among the apt and suitable stich as per the requirement and personalize the same. The stitch locker is present in the machine and allows the user to lock the stitches instead of wasting any thread or fabric


  • Amado Double Speed Mini Sewing Machine: This is one such sewing machine, which is completely suited for a commoner or a person who just needs sewing as a basic requirement. With very basic features built it, the basic sewing machine works perfectly fine for a common domestic usage, where a person might just use these things rarely.


Thus, this is one of the less-expensive means of sewing machine available in the market, yet scores among the top of the list of being among the best of sewing machines of 2017.


Sewing machines have improvised and made their presence in the world of fashion and basic tailoring. The usage of the device range from two specific fields and has many takers from people who take design and craftwork seriously.