7 Common Digestive Issues and Preventions


There are so many things associated with digestive difficulties and they make debates quite difficult. Most of the sufferers keep on facing all the troubles alone because they are not able to discuss the difficulties openly. Digestive system is usually responsible for so many major tasks inside human body; it maintains the flow of vitamins and nutrients to the different parts of body while forcing the waste to come out. Digestive system is actually made up of these organs: anus and rectum, pancreas, intestines, gallbladder, stomach, liver, esophagus and mouth. When this digestive track gets disturbed, it starts producing several uncomfortable symptoms while disturbing lifestyle of the person.

Here are 7 most common digestive disorders that people usually face:

  1. GERD:

GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and it often occurs when lower esophageal sphincter inside human body starts relaxing at wrong times. It causes flow of acid from stomach to easophagus leading to several harmful effects. One of the most prominent reasons behind GERD is hiatal hernia.

  1. Gastritis and Gastric Ulcers:

The inflammation of stomach lining is well known as Gastritis whereas open sores at this lining are called as gastric ulcers. They are most common infections caused by improper track of digestive system; sometimes this situation also occurs due to certain kind of medications.

  1. Duodenal Ulcers:

Sometimes ulcers are also produced inside Duodenum and this situation more commonly occurs when stones at gallbladder cause bile out.

  1. Ulcerative Colitis:

This issue is commonly found in large intestine and it is like an inflammatory disease. When waste products inside human body starts moving at much faster face through lathe intestine, they cause troubles like Diarrhea. On the other side, when this movement becomes too slow then people face constipation.

  1. Crohn’s Disease:

This disorder is focused on small intestine area and is also a kind of inflammatory issue. In few cases it can also damage large intestine as well as few other connected parts of human digestive system.

  1. Diverticulitis:

It is also known as small pouches. Diverticulitis is a condition when a small unwanted pouch comes out of any weak wall of large intestine. In other words, infection on Diverticula is named as Diverticulitis.

  1. Hemorrhoids:

This category of digestive issues deals with the clusters of badly swollen veins. It is observed to happen when rectum or anus produces too much pressure on veins.

You can easily find several numbers of patients who are usually suffering with these troubles but the fact is that most of people are not even aware of the preventive actions. It is possible to avoid all major issues of digestive system by simply following few preventive steps. One needs to make few basic changes to lifestyle to introduce health and wellness. Here are few important things that you need to do as preventive action to help in other kinds of digestive issues:

  • Avoid sulpha drugs and steroids.
  • Avoid usage of aspirin.
  • Manage schedule for exercises, at least 5 days in a week.
  • Avoid alcohol and quite smoking.