4 Important Developments in Mobile Technology in 2017


With the growing use of the Smartphones, the mobility market is going to witness changes that will alter the face of mobile technology in the year 2017 and beyond. Most of the people across the globe will be benefited with the introduction of new mobile technology. The advancements that are undertaken in the mobile technology will help the companies and users too. The innovative concepts like Virtual and Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Apps and much more will help the tech-savvy people to explore the technological aspects. Here are some of the latest developments that one can see in the year 2017:

Intelligent Home Mobile Apps

The introduction of smart home apps for operating the devices in the house is going to increase in the year 2017 and beyond. The users will be benefited with the help of IoT as the majority of the people use Smartphones for their day-to-day work. The mobile technologies have taken a central place in consumer’s life, and everyone is connected nowadays with it.

Translating while Communicating with Clientele

The company owners may have their business across the global platform and for that, they need to communicate daily with them. However, the problem of understanding other’s language was previously sorted out with the help of a translator. Therefore, with the introduction of speech-to-speech translation and the multi-language conference calls by Microsoft will become a reality in this year. This will erase the mediator or the translator with just the single tap on your mobile device.

Designing of Cloud-based Apps

Another change that people are going to witness in the mobile technology is the cloud-based mobile apps that as most of the mobile applications will require sufficient space. The Cloud is used for the apps that heavy functionalities and graphics. The focus is to sync and integrate mobile apps to multiple devices and to design the secure apps too.

Changes in “Reality”

The Virtual or Augmented Reality is mainly introduced in the gaming technology for the mobile phone as the year 2016 saw the mobile game Pokémon Go making its place in the gaming market. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the competition in the mobile technology will touch greater heights. The companies like Google, IBM, and Facebook are looking forward to creating a mark in this field.


With the introduction of latest innovations in the mobile technology, the mobile traffic can be expected for the business websites. This will also change the scenario of using the Smartphones as many cashless and digital transactions will take place on the mobile devices.